Arabic Tutor – Part One

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Arabic Tutor – Part One

Maulana Abdul Sattar Khan

An English translation of Tas-heel al-Adab Fi Lisan al-'Arab popularly known as 'Arbi Ka Mu'allim, a well-known Arabic Grammar textbook which is included in the syllabus of many Islamic seminaries. A student doing self-study can complete this part in about six weeks. However, due to the presence of several other subjects in high schools, it will be appropriate to make it a one year course in the fourth class. In Arabic seminaries and Darul Ulums, where only Arabic is taught, all four parts of this book can easily be taught in one year. Nevertheless, this book is such that every text book committee and those in charge of the syllabi in the madrasas should include it in their syllabus in order to remove the difficulties of the students. They will be rewarded by Allah and thanked by the people.

Product details

  • The original name of the book
  • the writerMaulana Abdul Sattar Khan
  • Translator
  • PublisherDarul Ishaat
  • GroupingQuran
  • Size1018924
  • PriceFree
  • Year2009
  • number of pages
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