Love & Hate for God’s Sake

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Love & Hate for God’s Sake

Mujtaba Sabouri

The terms cussing - “sabb” ( سبّ ), swearing - “shatam” ( شطم ), and malediction- “laʿn” ( لعن ), in their truest forms, represent the totality of enmity, and the appreciation of these terms [and their usage] has been present right from the initial stages of human existence and historically speaking, there have been individuals, who in order to show their enmity in regards to events which transpired in the past, or individuals who lived in long-ago times, who have demonstrated these terms vividly in their lives. Even after the introduction of Islam, the usage and real-world practice of these terms was common and there were some individuals, who in order to express their aversion and detestation for the acts of others resorted to cussing - “sabb” ( سبّ ) and malediction - “laʿn” ( لعن ). As these practices were commonplace, it is important for us to analyse these terms from an Islamic perspective and to carry out an in-depth investigation into them. ...!

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  • The original name of the book
  • the writerMujtaba Sabouri
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  • PublisherAhlulbayt Organization
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