Remember Allah at all times

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Remember Allah at all times

Maulana Shah Abdul Hamid Is’haq

The solution to our spiritual problems lie in the remembrance of Allah as Allah mentions in the Quraan Sharif that through the Zikr of Allah one will be removed from multitudes of darkness and blessed with the light of Imaan and Hidaayat. Remembering Allah does not only refer to the Zikrullah prescribed by the Mashaaikh but it includes the Masnoon Duas that should be recited at various occasions as well. These aspects have been discussed in detail in this Kitaab by Hadrat Maulana Abdul Hamid Saheb D.B.


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  • book.authorMaulana Shah Abdul Hamid Is’haq
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  • book.publisherKhanqah Akhtari, Azaadville
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  • book.year2014
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