Danger of Self-Interpretation of Quran

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Danger of Self-Interpretation of Quran

Dr. Vahid J. Majd

Quran is Allah's speech to mankind that was delivered to us by His last Apostle(PBUH&HF). Thus, it is our duty to learn and understand the words of Allah. Many people think that Quran is a self teaching book so that one can understand all of Allah words without need to acquire its meaning from a teacher who is authorized by Allah. They believe that as human sciences progress and as the new theories, ideas, and opinions develop, one can build a new understanding of Quran. They maintain that it is the duty of people to think and develop interpretations of Quran based on the needs the new generations and the requirements of each era . As a result, they consider Quran is subject to different interpretations based on the current needs of the society and people can modify its meaning according their new opinions. They consider this the dynamic feature of the religion of Islam. This would also give an excuse to tolerate and accept the differing views in Islam. They consider all these difference in understanding the religion of Allah is Allah's mercy to mankind which results in the progress of the religion as human sciences grow. In this article, we will discuss if we are allowed to interpret Quran based on our opinion, and if Allah has left us on our own to find a relative understanding of Quran, and if He has excused us to follow such relative interpretations which are divergant due to the variety of opinions, or if He has assigned some specific teachers for explaining His Book to mankind and has ordered us to exclussively refer to them for usderstaning of the Quran.


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