A Beautiful String of Incidents in the Life of Holy Prophet

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A Beautiful String of Incidents in the Life of Holy Prophet

History, when divested of the historians' bias and prejudice, is a beautiful string of incidents and events, which speak a thousand tongues.When we study the history of early Islamic era, we are able to gain an insight into the society to which the message of Islam was preached, the circumstances which then prevailed, and the reciprocal responses of the leaders and the led.From Seeratun-Nabi by Ibn Hisham we have selected twenty-four interesting stories. These stories, when interwoven into a single fabric, form a colourful backdrop against which the era just before and after the Prophet (s.a.w.) can be clearly visualised. We hope the readers will be able to glean more than one message from each story; and for those who wish to prepare their analytic treatments of Islamic subjects, there will be relevance in more than one way.We hope to serialise the subject, with sections from the lives of our Aimma (A.S.). May Allah accept our efforts, Amin.

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