Muhammed (pbuh) The Greatest

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Muhammed (pbuh) The Greatest

Ahmed Deedat

Quoting from the Bible and making comparisons with the ministry of Jesus and the mission of Muhummed Sheikh Deedat explains that the former was constrained to preach to a particular community i.e the Children of Israel (see Mark 7:26) whilst he Holy Prophet Muhummed was sent as a guide, a giver of glad tidings, a warner and a mercy unto all the worlds! (see Quran 21:107) Demonstrating the greatness of the Prophet Muhummed, Ahmed Deedat extensively quotes from the works of intellectual giants such as George Bernard Shaw, Thomas Carlisle, Lamartine, Reverend Bosworth Smith and Sir Stanley-Lane Pooler to substantiate his case. Other issues of a controversial nature such as the false accusation made by orientalists that Islam owed its rapid development in view of its impositional use of the sword on unconquered nations is dealt with and amicably refuted by references to individuals such as Edward Gibbon "Decline and fall of the Roman Empire", Mahatma Gandhi, Thomas Carlyle and De Lacy O'Leary who in his "Islam at the Crossroads" says that "History has made it clear however, that the legend of fanatical Muslim sweeping through the world and forcing Islam at the point of sword upon conquered races is one of the most historically absurd myths that historians have ever repeated.

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