Fortune Told in Blood

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Fortune Told in Blood

Davud Ghaffarzadegan

Amidst the Iran-Iraq War, two Iraqi soldiers find themselves stationed on an isolated mountain peak with orders to observe the enemy's troop movements. As they watch the brutal destruction brought about by the intelligence they have gathered, their loyalty to their country and each other is tested. As in all wars, both Iraq and Iran demonized each other as the war raged during the 1980s. In Fortune Told in Blood, written during the mid-1990s as Iran was recovering, Davud Ghaffarzadegan labors to undo the damage caused by this process. The author, an Iranian, writes from the Iraqi perspective, thus humanizing the enemy and challenging his reader to do so as well.  

Product details

  • The original name of the book
  • the writerDavud Ghaffarzadegan
  • Translator
  • PublisherCenter for Middle Eastern Studies, University of Texas at Austin
  • GroupingGeneral
  • Size1845243
  • PriceFree
  • Year2008
  • number of pages
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