Politico-Religious Fundamentals for Renunciation of Polytheism

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Politico-Religious Fundamentals for Renunciation of Polytheism

Seyed Javad Varree

Renunciation of Polytheism is one of the key principles and integral components of the Ibrahimite politico-religious rituals of Hajj, the reality of which becomes clearly manifested by only pondering a little from various angles. This can be easily proven by referring to many of the available sources and references dealing with various aspects of its manifestation. Imam Khomeini (A.S.) who rightfully revived the true Mohammadan (P.B.U.H.) Islam in the present age made great efforts to revive this divine ritual in particular from political dimension and invited all Muslims of the world to become familiar with the unknown and forgotten aspects of this dignifying ritual. Introducing the various dimensions of Hajj which is manifested in the theories and practices of Imam Khomeini is in fact one of the main tasks of the followers of this eminent figure through different ways. For this reason the Department of Training and Research of the Leadership Headquarter has outlined certain topics for researchers to achieve some of the objectives pertaining to Islamic issues.


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