Four Actions to Acquire the Friendship of Allah Ta’ala

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Four Actions to Acquire the Friendship of Allah Ta’ala

Muhammad Akhtar Saheb

There are four actions which if one adopts, Insha-Allah, he will become Waliullah (Friend of Allah) before he passes away. With the blessings of practicing on these four actions, Insha-Allah, he will gain the ability of practicing on all the other commands of Deen.This is due to the fact that generally people find these actions difficult since it is difficult on the Nafs (the inner-self). The student who manages to answer the difficult questions in the question paper will have no problem answering the easy questions. Hence, the one who suppresses his Nafs for the pleasure of Allah Ta’ala and practices on the following actions, it will become easy for him to practice on the entire Deen and he will become the Wali of Allah Ta’ala.


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