The Authenticity of the Tradition Literature

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The Authenticity of the Tradition Literature

G.H. Juynboll

The Authenticity of the Tradition Literature discussions in modern Eygpt by G.H. Juynboll... Outside Egypt, some Muslim scholars have adduced new evidence as to the position of the tradition within Islam, thus hoping to bridge the gap between Western scholarship and orthodox Islamic values. The Pakistani scholar Fazlur Rahman has endeavored to prove that the concept "Sunna of the Prophet" must have been in current use from the time of Muhammad (S) onwards. Rahman brings forward a number of arguments for his assertion that the sunna, as eventually embodied in the corpus of traditions, aptly covered the Prophet's behavior as it must have been. In other words, it breathed the spirit of the Prophet. Naturally, according to Rahman, it also contained a great deal of additional material such as digressions, analogies, as well as a host of new ideas. Rah­man, however, introduces the concept of the inevitable continuity of the prophetic example in the religious practice of the Muslims. This argument will also be found among the ideas of present-day Egyptian theologians though placed in an entirely different context.

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