Islamic Thought (Maarif Islami) Book One

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Islamic Thought (Maarif Islami) Book One

Muhammad Saidi Mihr & Amir Divani

The first volume, entitled "Islamic Thought: Book One", consists of topics concerning God, humanity , the world , and the after-world. The second collection, entitled "Islamic Thought: Book Two",  is  comprised  of  the  subjects  of  prophet-hood [nubuwah ], Imamate, religious authority [marja' iah], and religious vicegerency [wilayah]. The proportions of these books have been adapted to two study units each ...!


  • book.originalname
  • book.authorMuhammad Saidi Mihr & Amir Divani
  • book.translator
  • book.publisherDepartment of Cultural Affairs
  • book.cat_idTheology & Belief
  • book.filesize1477561
  • book.year2012
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