Religion and Civilization

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Religion and Civilization

Abulhasan 'Ali Nadvi

A great work of Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi about Religion and Civilization , Philosophy and Civilization and some common Questions. Like other works of the Maulana it is a work of great scholarship and erudition, presenting in its limited compass, a concise yet comprehensive view of revelatory eschatology and cosmology, and the distinctive features of the socio-ethical order raised on its basis vis-a-vis the other systems  of  social existence having their roots in the materialistic, so-called intellectual and mystical schools of thought. In bringing out succinctly the peculiar traits  of  all  these  systems, the author has raised certain thought-provoking -issues which would ever continue to engage the attention of the students of  religion and society.


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  • book.year1975
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