Imam Khomeini (s.a.) on Exportation of Revolution

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Imam Khomeini (s.a.) on Exportation of Revolution

It is usually said that revolutions occur at a time when the ideology of the people is threatened and the ruling regime is not willing or able to understand the demands of the people. The revolution triumphs, having fought against the status quo created by the ruling regime, a status quo which is inextricably connected with the world existing order. Then there emerges the issue of the exportation of the experience of the revolution to the countries in the region and to the world community at large. The Islamic Revolution of Iran follows the same general rule. After ousting the regime of Muhammad Rida Pahlavi, the issue of the exportation of the Islamic Revolution, because of its deeply ideological nature, was seriously discussed in Iran. In such a situation, there existed different interpretations emanating from prevalent modes of thinking that were either closely or remotely connected with ideology of revolution ...

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