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Tawheed Made Easy

Rayan Fawzi Arab

The Tawheedology Book is a Tawheed made easy book which gives the Muslim bright knowledge in regards of his creed and his conviction, most of its information is brought to you from the book called “Attawheed Al-Muyassar” narrated by Sheikh Abdullah bin Ahmad Al-Huwail, and presented by Sheikh Abdullah Al-Jabrain & Sheikh Khalid Al-Muslih. For everything being in the skies and on the surface of this Earth is a purpose from the one Creator, and for us living here there are reasons, one major and many minor, the major reason is followed by minor ones, the minor reasons like sleeping, eating, and working are actions that we must take to enhance our ability to fulfill the major one, the major reason is obligated on all mankind, and that is to worship the All-mighty Allaah as he confirmed in his Glorious book.


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