Grade 5 – Fiqh Book

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Grade 5 – Fiqh Book

Urooj Kazmi

In this book, students are introduced to four more names of Allah. They continue to learn about ritual purity and the theme of mutahhirat started last year. They go over the preparations for salaat such as wudhu, tayammum, and dress for prayer. They learn the difference between Adhan and Iqamah, and then go over the wajibat and the rukns of salaat. For continuity from last year a lesson on the awareness of the living Imam; and the especial occasions Hajj and Ramadhan are also included.


  • book.originalname
  • book.authorUrooj Kazmi
  • book.translator
  • book.publisherMadrasat Ahlul’Bait, Shia-Muslim Association
  • book.cat_idJurisprudence
  • book.filesize3086070
  • book.year2006
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  • E-Book $11.30