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Markus Bockmuehl

The Cambridge Companion to Jesus: This Companion's starting point is the realization that Jesus of Nazareth cannot be studied purely as a subject of ancient history, or as "a man like any other man". History, literature, theology and the dynamic of a living, worldwide religious reality appropriately impinge on the study of Jesus. This book therefore incorporates the most up-to-date historical work on Jesus with the "larger issues" of critical method--the story of Christian faith and study, as well as Jesus in a global church and in the encounter with Judaism and Islam.

Product details

  • The original name of the book
  • the writerMarkus Bockmuehl
  • Translator
  • PublisherCambridge University Press
  • GroupingReligions & Sects
  • Size1122627
  • PriceFree
  • Year2001
  • number of pages
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