An Introduction to the History of the Spread of Islam

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An Introduction to the History of the Spread of Islam


A volume of this size is necessarily limited in the material it can cover. It may, therefore, not be comprehensive or indeed may have many shortcomings. However, the purpose of this brief study as the titles indicates is to produce only an "Introduction to the History of the Spread of Islam". This book is neither the history of Islam nor that of the Muslim people. Still, it may be of some use to both the public and scholars. Both specialists in Islam and historians have barely dealt with the real factors contributing to the spread of Islam (Western writers on the contrary have tried hard to establish their own factors, and not the actual factors) amongst more than one-fourth of the total world population. In this brief study we hope to bring only some of these factors to the attention of the reader. We earnestly ask impartial scholars to follow this subject critically and contribute to the furtherance of public knowledge about Islam and the development of human knowledge in general and to do justice to a religion which has been wronged intentionally and unintentionally by foes and friends.

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  • The original name of the book
  • the writerA.Ezzati
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  • GroupingPhilosophy & Irfan
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  • Year1976
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