Salman the Persian (Salman al-Faarisse)

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Salman the Persian (Salman al-Faarisse)

Saleh As-Saleh

Salman the Persian (Salman al-Faarisse) The Search for the Truth The Search for the Truth By A Man Kn A Man Known As Today, many people are curious about Islam. People vary in terms of their knowledge about this Faith. Knowledge may have been gained form of an article, a book, part of a religious text book at high school, through some Muslims, passing by a Mosque, watching a documentary (or a Movie), Evening news, being in a Muslim country, good or bad actions by some Muslims, etc. To some it is "Just another religion." For many, however, it is becoming an interesting "thing" to "check" out. And there are those who reacted to certain wrong and unjustified acts by some Muslims and consequently bashed Islam and Muslims. Amidst all of this, there are those who just hate Islam. This Book is for everyone who is searching within himself for answers about many questions: Who am I? Is there a purpose for my existence? Who is the True God? What is the True Road for Salvation? Is It Islam? If I become a Muslim what does it mean to me, my family and the society at large? Today many realize that all of the materialistic and secular progress produced a spiritual vacuum that led to social, economical, political and psychological problems.


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