Signs of Qiyamah and the Belief Regarding the Mahdi in the light of Ahadith

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Signs of Qiyamah and the Belief Regarding the Mahdi in the light of Ahadith

Maulana Sohail Bawa

Sayyiduna Rasulullah has foretold the ummah regarding all the trials and tribulations that befell the Muslims like calamities and also showed the way to tackle them. The ulama 1 of the ummah in all the eras, acting rightfully as the inheritors of the Prophet have hauled out the ship (of faith and deeds) of the people of Islam from the whirlpool and guided it to its destination. Furthermore, they educated the Muslims about the ill intent of fallacious powers and Fitan 2 . Today, even after almost 1500 years, the teachings of Islam are free from any alterations and all those necessary matters on which Emaan is based are still in the same shape as the Noble Prophet presented them to the ummah. This in reality is the outcome of the hadith which prophesised that one Jama'ah will always remain on the truth. In present times many Fitan have been instigated regarding the belief of the Mahdi, which tried to mislead the Muslims. This book ‘Signs of Qiyamah and The belief regarding the Mahdi in the Light of Ahadith3 ’ is an excellent book countering such Fitan written by dearest Molvi Sohail Bawa. In this book the belief regarding the emergence of Mahdi has been compiled in sections according to the sahih ahadith and sayings of the ulama. Plus in the beginning of the book the signs of Qiyamah have also been complied in brief to make it easier to understand the belief regarding Mahdi. This servant prays that Allah Ta’ala rewards the author of this book and makes this book a means of guidance for the readers. Ameen.


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