Voices of Islam Volume 2 – Voices of the Spirit

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Voices of Islam Volume 2 – Voices of the Spirit

Vincent J. Cornell

A collection of essays on Islam and its relation to Spirit. Includes essays such as "Evil as the Absence of Good" by Seyyed Hossein Nasr and "Jihad in Islam" by Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani. By bringing together the voices of nearly 50 prominent Muslims from around the world, Voices of Islam series aims to present an accurate, comprehensive, and accessible account of Islamic doctrines, practices, and worldviews for a general reader at the senior high school and university undergraduate level. The subjects of the volumes—Voices of Tradition; Voices of the Spirit; Voices of Life: Family, Home, and Society; Voices of Art, Beauty, and Science; and Voices of Change— were selected to provide as wide a depiction as possible of Muslim experiences and ways of knowledge. Taken collectively, the chapters in these volumes provide bridges between formal religion and culture, the present and the past, tradition and change, and spiritual and outward action that can be crossed by readers, whether they are Muslims or non-Muslims, many times and in a variety of ways. What this set does not do is present a magisterial, authoritative vision of an ‘‘objectively real’’ Islam that is juxtaposed against a supposedly inauthentic diversity of individual voices.


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