Environmental Protection in Islamic Shari’ah

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Environmental Protection in Islamic Shari’ah

Al-Balagh Foundation

In light of all the technological advancement in the present era with diversification of industrial products and services, obsessive fear is still in the mind of man from the West to the East, where the present man may be more anxious than yesterday’s man, because of what is threatening him from the dangers of polluting the environment, nuclear radioactivity, lack of natural resources, as well as wars. In this our present world, a person who has abundant food to eat cannot be regarded as someone who lives comfortably, because it is possible that an epidemic, diseases or other destructive elements, like hidden micro radiations will attack him under conditions he is familiar with those of which he is not, and which can enter his home through contaminated and polluted bottles of milk or through the poisonous air that he breathes...!


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