The Universal Religion

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The Universal Religion

Fazal Kareem

This booklet is a modest effort to present Islam in a new light to the Christian West and to the non-muslim communities of India. As a study in comparative religion between  Islam, Christianity and Hinduism, the Islamic belief  in  the  'ONENESS'  of God is brought into full focus in all its vivid simplicity in sharp contrast to the confusing concept of 'Trinity' preached  by Christianity and the mumble-jumble half monotheistic half pantheistic doctrines known as Vedic Monism preached by  the  Hindu  scriptures.  Islam, on  the other hand, is based on a well defined rationalistic belief in the absolute ONENESS of God, calling incessantly to look for His signs in  the mysteries of  this wonderful  creation , its beauty,  symmetry  and  the  all-pervading  purpose.

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