100 Incredible Virtues of Ali bin Abi Taleb and His Son

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100 Incredible Virtues of Ali bin Abi Taleb and His Son

Ibn Shazan

Ibn Shazan was one of the great scholars of the fifth century who safe-guarded the inheritance and knowledge of the Ahlul Bait for us by writing and publishing several works that shared this treasure. This book specifically has had a great impact in the Muslim world because the author has carefully selected the sources from Sunni books, thereby eliminating any doubt of bias. The author writes in his introduction of the book: I have collected these incredible virtues of Ameer-ul-Momineen, the Leader of the believers, and the Lion of the glorious Lord, Ali bin abi Taleb (as).  I have collected them from Sunni book, so hold on to them firmly and learn them thoroughly. They are short so the reader cannot complain of boredom.  May Allah help us find the right path and may He not keep us away from Paradise.


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