Taqiyyah (Expedient dissimulation)

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Taqiyyah (Expedient dissimulation)


Taqiyyah is a part of the religion of Islam. Its order has been revealed in Quran. The Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (s) has also testified to the legitimacy of Taqiyyah is Halal until the Day of Judgement. Imam of Ahl ul Sunnah Hasan Basri states in Sahih Al-Bukhari, Egypt ed., vol. 9, pp. 24-25, Kitab al Ikra: "…. And `Abd ibn Hamid has narrated from al-Hasan (al-Basri) that he said:`Taqiyah is lawful upto the day of resurrection. And `Abd (ibn Hamid) has narrated from Abu Raja' that he was reciting, `illa an tattaqu minhum taqiyatan'; and `Abd ibn Hamid has narrated from Qatadah that he was reciting (likewise) .... taqiyatan with ya"....And Hassan (Basri) said: `Taqiyah is upto the Day of Resurrection .... And the Prophet (s.a:w.) said: `Deed are according to intention These instructions in Quran and Sunnah are so clear that even Nasabis cannot claim that Taqiyyah is Haram in Islam. So, these enemies of Allah devised an alternative "Satanic Plan" to destroy the Religion of Allah (swt).


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