The Nature of Imam Hussein’s Movement

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The Nature of Imam Hussein’s Movement

Murtada Mutahhari

In this book the writer discusses the revolt of Imam Hossein as a rightful successor to  the  Caliphate, against the then ruling Caliph Mu'avieh and his son, Yazid. The writer shows that this revolt was caused by several factors, firstly as an act of defence in refusing to swear allegiance to Yazid which was considered an innovation contrary to religious traditions. Secondly, it took the form of assistance to the Imam's followers in Kufa on their explicit invitation. Thirdly, it assumed the shape of attack against an immoral system by the principle of enjoining the good and forbidding the evil, a factor which was the most important of all as an ever lasting message for the whole world at all times...!

Product details

  • The original name of the book
  • the writerMurtada Mutahhari
  • Translator
  • PublisherDr. Alaedin Pazargadi
  • GroupingHistory
  • Size420884
  • PriceFree
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