Majma’ an-Nurayn: Fatimah in the Esoteric Shi’ite Tradition

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Majma’ an-Nurayn: Fatimah in the Esoteric Shi’ite Tradition

Abd al-Hakeem Carney

One of the most little discussed subjects in academic research on Shi’ism is the esoteric and mystical position assigned Fatimah bint Muhammad, the daughter of the Prophet. It is not surprising that she should be assigned a status of enormous stature within the Shi’ite religion, being known as the majma’ an-nurayn, the “meeting points of the two lights.” For Shi’ites she is the daughter of the Seal of the Prophets, the wife of the Seal of the Imams, and the mother of the remaining Imams. She is described by many titles, the most famous being “mistress of the women of the world” (sayyidah nisa’ al-‘alamin), as well as the radiant one (az-zahra’). She is connected to all of the infallibles in Shi’ite Islam, and she is usually cast as the only female member of the Infallible family of the Prophet. Her status in both the Twelver and Isma’ili traditions will be the subject of this paper.

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