The People of the Ditch

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The People of the Ditch

Shaykh Rifa’i Surur

This is the Hadīth of the weak and oppressed…and the lesson taught by those who lived through days of pain and torture for the sake of calling to Allāh (Da‘wah). This is the main issue of importance within the story. A secondary importance is that the story encompasses a complete Da‘wah experience: its events detail all the various stages and methods of this work, from the initials stage of individual Da‘wah to the later stage of the collective faith of a group, the transition to which includes the fundamental phase of moving the Da‘wah from being performed in secret to being openly proclaimed. Likewise, the events of the story are a direct confirmation of Allāh’s Decree. Thus, the events should be researched in detail, with the aim of defining the methodology according to which the Da‘wah should be carried out in line with the concept of Allāh’s Decree and His Causes, to enable this methodology to achieve the true Islamic state of affairs for which we strive.

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